This is a living schedule and subject to change TP - Think Python, C4A - CS for All

Date Topic Reading Notes Assignment
T 2/16 Intro to CS and the course   Slides, Survey  
R 2/18 Intro to Python TP 1-2 Slides, Spyder HW1 out


Python Quick Reference
This is a reference for looking up the Python topics we have discussed in class.
Python Documentation
Official Python 3.4 Documentation.
This is a good place to work on your Python chops.
Installing Spyder
A quick guide on installing Python with the course libraries installed.
The logic simulator we will be using for the class.
HMMM Assembler
The files required to run the HMMM assembler and simulator. Direction can be found in the included README file. This is not required if you are using the Mac Spyder installation.