CS 467 - Generative Art


This is a living schedule and subject to change

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Week Date Topic Assignments
01 2/11 Introductions to generative art and p5.js (slides, p5.js intro) Attendance
2/13 Color (slides, blend modes) Deploy your sketchbook
02 2/18 Color wheel example, Color practical Reading 1 due
2/20 Op Art example, Repetition practical Assignment 1 due
03 2/25 Geometric transformations (example 1, example 2), deconstructing Sirius Reading 2 due
2/27 Composing transforms (example) and Randomness (color flurry, print 10 maze) Assignment 2 due
04 3/03 Random distributions, Random walk practical Reading 3 due
3/05 Noise (noise field, circle, fabric, clouds, lava, terrain), Noise Practical
05 3/10 Physical simulation (example)
3/12 Particle systems, Smoke Practical
06 3/17 -
3/19 - Assignment 3 due, Reading 4 due
Spring Break

Moving online has decoupled the course from a rigid schedule dictated by the lecture periods. To account for this, the calendar now has a new form. Note that practicals are now listed twice -- once as part of the material associated with a particular topic and a second time to help visualize when the work should be submitted.

Week Topic Due Dates
07 Catchup on outstanding practicals
03/31:Noise Practical
Cellular Automata, videos Reading [NoC Ch 7], CA Practical 04/02:Smoke Practical
04/03: Assignment 4
08 Autonomous agents, videos, Reading [NoC Ch 6.1-6.9], Steering Practical 04/07: CA Practical
04/10: Assignment 5
09 Flocks, swarms and ants, videos, Reading [NoC Ch 6.10-6.15] 04/13: Steering Practical, response 5
Ant painting Practical
10 A-Life and Evolutionary art, videos, Reading [NoC Ch 9], Reading [F+C p160-163] 04/21: Ant painting Practical
Genetic algorithm Practical 04/23: Assignment 6
11 Computational creativity, videos
04/28: Genetic algorithm Practical
Discussion session
12 Blobs, videos, spring example, particle system blob, basic metaball example, pixel level metaball example, isocontour example 05/05: Assignment 7
13 Reading/Exam period 05/11: response 6
05/18: Assignment 8