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CSCI 1004 – Course Information

All 21st century learners should strive to attain basic programming skills. No matter what discipline we work in, we would all be better problem solvers and better users of computational tools if we had some facility with computer programming and some understanding of how software is built. In this course – for computer programming novices – we will learn the basics of coding using a variety of tools and languages. Each class meeting will include both lecture and hands-on lab time.

Meeting times

9:00am-12:00pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (Jan 5-29, 2015) in McCardell Bicentennial Hall 505.

Peer tutoring

7-9pm on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Jan 5-28, 2015) in McCardell Bicentennial Hall 505. Here is the complete schedule of drop-in tutoring hours.

Course Staff

Professor Amy Briggs
MBH 634,
Office hours Monday/Wednesday 1-2pm in MBH 505

Colby Horn '13
MBH 505,
Lab hours Tuesday/Thursday 1-4pm in MBH 505

Tom Dobrow '16
MBH 505,
Lab hours Monday/Wednesday 1-4pm in MBH 505


Coursework will consist of twice-weekly assignments, a final project, and weekly quizzes. During the first three weeks, a short homework will be assigned on Monday and due on Wednesday, and a longer homework assigned on Wednesday due the following Monday. The last week will be dedicated to final projects due on Thursday 1/29. We'll have a short quiz every Thursday on the material from that week.

The components will be weighted as follows in calculating final grades:

Homework: 50%
Quizzes: 30%
Final project: 15%
Class participation: 5%

About the course materials

Pencil Code is an educational programming environment and language built on the professional programming language CoffeeScript. Huge thanks to David Bau at Google for sharing his materials and expertise with us.

ADA information

Students with documented disabilities who may need accommodations in this class (e.g., extra time) are encouraged to contact me as early as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. Assistance is available to eligible students through the ADA Office. Please contact Jodi Litchfield, the ADA Coordinator, at or 802-443-5936 for more information. All discussions will remain confidential.