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CSCI 1004 – Final Projects

Lights Out!

Amanda Acquaire and Julia Wolf [Code]


Olivia Tabah and Jon Hurvitz [Code]


Janka Hlinka and Liilia Namsing [Code]


Nick Kaye and Katrina Moore [Code]

Brick Breaker

Lana Meyer and Jack Delano [Code]

Fruit Ninja

Ellie Reinhardt, Caroline Corbally, and Finky Fink [Code]

Timed Maze

Betsy Neal, Avery Travis, and Anna Vasilchenko [Code]

Flappy Birds

Will Fleming and Nick Andonian [Code]

Brick Breaker

Jeremy Stein and Noah Farrell [Code]

Get rid of the logo! Game (Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3)

Tiffany Chang, Dylan Redford, and Charles Griggs [Code1 Code2 Code 3)

Connect 4

Lauren Schweppe and Rob Wood [Code]

Air Hockey

Emily Goetz and Beemnet Amdemicael [Code]


Roxy Adviento and Tom Canaday [Code]