Teaching Research Students + Advising

Research Students (from Middlebury College):


lorenz   Luke Lorenz '23
image Nick Luo '23

Dial-a-Ride interfaces for Vermont passengers and dispatchers

Eric Leung '22
Farhan Islam '22

  • Dial-a-Ride with individual deadlines
  • k-sequence algorithm on bipartite graphs
Lambus Li '21
Annika Xu '21

Revenue Maximization in Online Dial-a-Ride in a uniform metric space and on bipartite graphs
(related publication)
Matthew Ottomano '20
Searidang Pa '20
Maximizing the number of requests served for offline Dial-a-Ride in the uniform metric space
Nicholas Jaczko '19
Scott Westvold '19
Aayam Poudel '18
From theory to practice: maximizing profit for Online Dial-a-Ride
(related publication)
Anna Vasilchenko '18
  • Robust Application Hosting
  • Revenue Maximization in Online Dial-a-Ride in a nonuniform metric space (related publication)
Image result for joey button middlebury Joey Button '17
Online Robust Application Hosting
Hamza Alsarhan '17
Davin Chia '17
Shannia Fu  '17
Yanfeng Jin '17
  • Robust Application Hosting
  • A Two-Pass Algorithm for Unordered Colored Bin Packing (related publication)
Davin Chia '17
Robust Application Hosting
Elizabeth Clark '15
Comparing Linguistic and Acoustic Approaches for Sentiment Recognition in Speech.
Bekah Moon '15
Exploring Correlations between Geolocated Homophobic Language on Twitter, LGBT Populations and Legal Protections at the Municipal Level
Patrick Adelstein '14
Matching & Assignment: Applications in Network Flows

Women in Computer Science:

I am also proud to be a co-advisor of Middlebury College's Women in Computer Science club (WiCS++).