Middlebury College

At Middlebury I am teaching or have taught:

Mount Sinai

At Mount Sinai I co-created and co-directed multiple courses, most notably BSR6402 “Practical Analysis of Your Personal Genome” (PAPG) and its prerequisite BSR2401 “Introduction to Human Genome Sequencing”.

PAPG is a unique laboratory-style medical genomics course, first taught in 2012, in which students have the opportunity to sequence and analyze their own whole genome. PAPG has been discussed in a wide variety of settings. PAPG and a companion research study evaluating student attitudes towards and the outcomes of incorporating personal genome sequencing into graduate genomics education are described in the following publications:

  1. Linderman MD, Sanderson SC, Bashir A, Diaz GA, Kasarskis A, Zinberg R, et al. Impacts of incorporating personal genome sequencing into graduate genomics education: a longitudinal study over three course years. BMC Med Genomics. 2018;11(1):5.
  2. Linderman MD, Bashir A, Diaz GA, Kasarskis A, Sanderson SC, Zinberg RE, et al. Preparing the next generation of genomicists: a laboratory-style course in medical genomics. BMC Med Genomics. 2015;8:47.
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  4. Sanderson SC, Linderman MD, Kasarskis A, Bashir A, Diaz GA, Mahajan M, Shah H, Wasserstein M, Zinberg RE, Zweig M, Schadt EE. Informed decision-making among students analyzing their personal genomes on a whole genome sequencing course: a longitudinal cohort study. Genome Med. 2013 Dec 30;5(12):113.