If you have asked me to write a letter of reference or recommendation for you, here is what I need to write you the best possible letter. Please assemble an organized package, i.e. a single spreadsheet with all the information about the different letters and a single PDF with all the information about you.

Information about the program, employer, etc.

I need the following information for each letter:

  1. Due date
  2. Official name or title of the program, institution, etc.
  3. Method of submission (e.g. mail, online, etc.)
  4. Website with a description of the program, company, etc.
  5. To whom, person, committee, etc., my letter should be addressed (if there is a specific addressee)
  6. Whether the letter or evaluation is strictly confidential (i.e. have you waived your right to see the letter)

Information about you

I need to the following information about you:

  1. Your current resume or CV
  2. A draft of your personal statement, cover letter or other materials you have prepared for this application (doesn’t need to be institution specific, i.e. your “base” graduate school personal statement is all I need)
  3. A list of prior and upcoming CS courses (and any other courses relevant to the application)