This is a living schedule and subject to change

Date Topic Notes Deadlines
02/09 Class: Welcome to senior thesis work    
02/11 Class: Topic discussion   Proposal
02/18     Thesis outline and bibliography
02/20 Class: Updates    
02/25     Schedule
02/27 Seminar: Pete Johnson   Evaluation
03/02 Class: Updates    
03/12 Seminar: Candidate talk    
03/13 Class: Updates    
03/18 Seminar: John Trono    
03/20 Class: Updates    
04/01 Class: Updates    
04/04     Thesis first draft
04/08 Class: Updates    
04/15 Class: Updates    
04/17 Seminar: Emily Cooper    
04/19     Thesis second draft
04/24 Class: Updates    
05/01 Class: Updates    
05/04-05/08 Thesis presentations    
05/11 Class   Thesis final draft
05/15     Poster
05/19     Printed Thesis instructions


LaTeX example
This zip file contains a sample thesis with LaTeX template.
Advice on giving oral presentations
Some thoughts assembled by the faculty on preparing to give a talk