CS 467 - Resources

Technical references

The home of p5.js, the JavaScript implementation of Processing, which we will be using for this class.
p5.js Editor
In browser editor for p5.js
p5.js reference
A direct link to the list of all of the functions available in p5.js

Topical references

The Nature of Code
A book all about modeling the natural world using Processing. Note that it does not use p5.js for its examples, but it is otherwise a great resource
Steering Behaviors for Autonomous Characters
An older paper by Craig Reynolds describing a number of different steering behaviors for autonomous agents.
Metaballs and Marching Squares
This is a nice discussion of how to implement marching squares to get isocontours around your metaballs.

Artistic references

Form+Code website
The site has code for some of their examples. However, more interestingly, it has a bibliography and a collection of links to artists and tools.
A nice site for getting quick overviews of artists and art movements.


Zach Lieberman
You read about Zach's work in the two articles about his daily sketches. He continues to post new work all of the time.
A blog from Paul Prudence about natural processes and procedural art.
Art from Code
A collection of experiments and sketches. Trying to duplicate some of these would be a good challenge.
Karl Sims
Karl Sims is one of the first of the evolutionary art artists.
Jon McCormack