CS 467 - Response six

Due: 20-05-11 5:00p


  • Perform a final reflection over the work you have done this semester.


  1. We can differentiate between some of the work we have done as randomized systems vs chaotic systems. What is the difference? Provide an example of each kind of system in the work that you have done in this course.
  2. When considering chaotic versus random systems, which were ultimately more satisfying? Why? (there obviously isn't a right answer here, I am just looking for reflection)
  3. In the lecture on Computational Creativity, I told you about AARON. AARON differs considerably from anything that we did in class. Describe in your own words how AARON differs. In what ways might AARON be considered a chaotic system? In what ways might it be considered a randomized system?


Please type up your answers and submit them as a PDF to Canvas.