CS 467 - Response five

Due: 20-04-13 5:00p


  • Reflect on the different styles of systems we have built to date


As I said, some of our "reading responses" would not be directly tied to a reading. This is one of those. It is ostensibly tied to the reading you did in the Nature of Code, as well as the lecture videos.

  1. I would like to reflect on the difference between autonomous agents and the physical objects that we modeled earlier. As I (and Shiffman) pointed out, there are a number of similarities. In the practical, the Agent class is a thinly disguised copy of the Ball class from earlier. In your own words, what is the fundamental difference between the two. What makes the agent different? I am interested in both the conceptual model of how it differs as well as a critical implementation difference between them.


Please type up your answers and submit them as a PDF to Canvas.