CS 467 - Reading one

Due: 20-02-18 1:30p


  • Learn about some of the basic considerations of computational art
  • Contemplate the role of repetition


Please read 'Form+Code' up through page 65.

Some of the earlier pages you will find a little basic, but there are some good nuggets hiding in there.


  1. Throughout the reading there are a couple of thoughts about how computers can facilitate the creative process. Describe two of them in your own words.
  2. The work of many different artists is cataloged throughout the 'Repeat' chapter. Take some time and look up some of their work. Find two pieces that you respond to, either positively or negatively. The two should be by different artists, and not be a piece included in the book. For each image, I would like a short description of how they use repetition and whether or not they used technology. I would also like you to reflect on what about each piece you respond to and why. Please include a copy of each image in the file (with attribution of who, and where possible, name, year and medium).


Please type up your answers and submit them as a PDF to Canvas.