CS 467 - Assignment Eight

Due: 2020-05-18 05:00p


  • Demonstrate what you have learned over the semester
  • Produce work that is conceptually your own


  1. Accept the assignment on our Github Classroom.
  2. Download the git repository to your local computer.


For the final assignment, I would like you to produce a unique piece that is all your own. While there will be a couple of technical requirements, the content is completely up to you. The theme can be highly conceptual, or it could be a technical exploration of a technique you wanted to explore in more detail.

Included with the piece, I would like a discussion of what the theme is, what techniques you employed and why. The goal of this is partly to help me determine if you succeeded at your goal, and also to help you be more mindful about the creation process.


  • One unique piece with a distinct theme
  • The piece must not crash or display errors in the console when run
  • There must be a README that describes the theme
  • The piece should involve a-life or evolution in some way
  • At least one technique from earlier in the class must be demonstrated, such as alpha blending, noise, or particle systems
  • Sophisticated Create a second piece that is thematically linked to the first (the restriction to use a-life or evolution is lifted for the second piece)
  • Sophisticated At least 30% of the code second piece should be different from the first

While I provided our standard index.html and sketch.js template, you are welcome to change this in any way you deem fit to satisfy the technical needs of your piece or to incorporate a second piece. I will also accept two pieces on the same web page, provided the performance is not too horrible.

If performance is an issue, you are welcome to include a still or a video that represents the final product (i.e., dump frames of a long running process and stitch them together to make a smooth animation), as long as the code that produced it is included.

Finishing up

Commit your changes to git and push them back up to GitHub. I will find them there.