Every week you will submit a short reflection looking back over the week in the class.

I expect reflections to be relatively terse (bullet-pointed lists are fine), though if you have more to say, by all means, go ahead. I will read these and use them to shape the class for the coming week, however, my goal is for these to primarily be for you. They should help you be more mindful about what you are getting out of the class, as well as providing a record for you to revisit at the end to look at your progress.

As one of their roles is to inform the shape of the class, these should be completed each week after the Thursday class and by the end of the day the following Saturday.

Each reflection should answer the following questions (you will have a form to fill out that asks these)

  • What are the major ideas or skills that you learned this week?
  • What are the outstanding questions that you would like to understand (this can be material we haven't covered, or material you haven't yet grasped)?
  • What did you accomplish on the other deliverables this week?
  • Are you content with your progress and level of understanding? If not, what road blocks are you encountering and what is the plan for moving past them?

Week 01 reflection
Week 02 reflection
Week 03 reflection
Week 04 reflection
Week 05 reflection (due 2023-03-17 because of Fall Break)
No Week 06 reflection because of Fall Break
Week 07 reflection
Week 08 reflection
Week 09 reflection
Week 10 reflection
Week 11 reflection
Week 12 reflection
No Week 13 reflection -- you will be writing an overall course reflection

Last updated 05/04/2023