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CSCI 1004 – Computer Programming for Novices

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Mon 1/5

CS Topics: programming languages; sequential execution of instructions; looping.
Hour of Code activities;
Pong game in Scratch;
Pencil Code: drawing; lines; points; loops.
Homework 1 due Wed 1/7.

Wed 1/7

Homework 1 due.
Check out our beautiful Homework 1 Art Gallery!
CS Topics: nested loops; functions; parameters; randomness.
Homework 2 due Mon 1/12.

Thu 1/8

Quiz 1.
CS Topics: Elegance and style; boolean variables.
Examples: celestialMessy; celestialClean.

Mon 1/12

Homework 2 due. Sample solution.
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CS Topics: Turing test and chatbots; regular expressions; conditionals.
Examples: buttons; coin flip; fortune; interview; chatbot.
Homework 3 due Wed 1/14.

Wed 1/14

Homework 3 due. Sample solution.
HyperText Markup Language (HTML), HTML tutorial.

Thu 1/15

Quiz 2.
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and more HTML, demo (HTML, text).
CSS tutorial, W3Schools CSS Demo, Zen Garden CSS Demo.
Homework 4 due Mon 1/19.

Mon 1/19

Homework 4 due.
CS Topics: Binary search; nested loops; events.
Examples: Guessing game; Ascii art; Jumping turtles; Turtle chase game.
Homework 5 due Wed 1/21.

Wed 1/21

Homework 5 due.
CS topics: State machines; arrays.
About adventure games:
Interactive Fiction;
Colossal Cave Adventure (see also Halt and Catch Fire and Colossal Cave Adventure app);
Zork and runnable Zork app;
Building an adventure game:
Interactive Fiction;
Cave of Time;
Incremental game development;
Array examples;
Pie chart.
Homework 6 due Mon 1/26.
Final Project, with deadlines Thu 1/22, Mon 1/26, Thu 1/29.

Thu 1/22

Quiz 3.
Final Project description due. Discuss during class with Colby and Tom, and submit description and partner name via Moodle by the end of class today.
CS Topics: Pair programming; Events; Tables.
Examples: Events examples;
Tic-Tac-Toe game; Maze.

Mon 1/26

Homework 6 due.
Work on final projects.

Wed 1/28

CS Topics: Working with data; APIs.
See: JSON; Using JSON to get public data; Public weather JSON API; Mark Lee article; Quandl.
Examples: Visitor count; Spreadsheet; Colorado database; Weather; Quandl.
Work on final projects.

Thu 1/29

Quiz 4: Reflections on project and course.
Final Project demonstrations; Course Evaluations.
Final Project submission due via Moodle by the end of class today.