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Wayne Wang @ midd

Assistant in Instruction
Department of Computer Science
Middlebury College

2xx, 75 Shannon St.
Middlebury, VT 05753

Email: sw@middlebury.edu
Github: @waynew99
LinkedIn: Wayne Wang
Portfolio site: portfolio.waynewang.me
CS major, PoliSci minor, Middlebury College '22.5

I am a recent graduate from Middlebury CS, and am serving the ASI role at the department for spring 2023. I'm interested in system kernels, security, and networks, and am a researcher in the field in the making. I grew up in Beijing, but you would find me now at Middlebury, VT. You can also find the projects I've worked on here on my portfolio site.


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Workshop Papers

  1. Wayne Wang, Peter C. Johnson On the Feasibility of Retrofitting Operating Systems with Generated Protocol Parsers. The 8th Workshop on Language-Theoretic Security (LangSec) at the 43rd IEEE CS Security & Privacy (S&P) Workshops
    [paper] [slides]