Learning Plan

Answer the following questions and upload to Canvas. Then schedule a meeting with me to discuss at go/KimmelHours. Your learning plan should consist of two parts. The first part should be your objectives for the semester, and the second part should lay out the process you plan to employ to achieve your objectives.

Look over my learning goals for the course. I think these are a good starting point for your goals, but you might have others, like: be able to discuss ethical issues related to tech with a friend or family member, or become a better listener during difficult conversations. I encourage you to think big - what are you hoping to get out of this class, or to get out of your experience as a student? Please list your goals for the class. (If some of your goals are the same as mine, please include them for completeness, or rephrase in your own words.) For each goal, briefly explain why it is important to you, and how challenging you think it might be to achieve.

With your goals in mind, please think about what specific processes you intend to implement to work towards your goals. Look over the class participation section of the syllabus. These processes might help you to achieve some of your goals, but you might need to put in place other daily/weekly practices to help you succeed. Please list your process goals and how you feel they will help you to achieve your learning objectives.

At our meeting, we will discuss your goals and your process, and whether they are reasonably ambitious and appropriate for this course. If we need to make adjustments to help you achieve your goals, we can discuss what those might be. Over the semester, we will be in regular written communication about these goals through your reflections.