Technology and Mass Incarceration

History of Race and Mass Incarceration

In order to understand how technology interacts with mass incarceration, it is critical to understand the history of mass incarceration, and how it relates to the history of slavery and racism in this country. The following material touches on different aspects of this history:

Include in your reflection a description of the connections between slavery, Jim Crow policies, and mass incarceration.

Predictive Policing

Please read the MIT tech review piece "Predictive policing algorithms are racist. They need to be dismantled."

Reflect on this article, especially in the context of the history of anti-Black racism in the US. Here are some questions we will be discussing in class, and that you can start to address in your reflection (write about what are interested in - you do not have to go in depth into all of them or any of the suggested prompts):

Further Optional Reading