CS 313 - Lecture 16 - Ruby

This is an in-person lecture.

Log from the interactive irb session

If you want to learn more, try one of the tutorials below.

Quiz 16 due after class Friday at 10pm.

Additional material (optional)

Start by taking a brief look at the following two links

Then do one of the following tutorials:

1. TryRuby

This is the recommended option. Work through section 1-6 (out of 8). You don’t need to understand all the details but you should have a good idea of the basic language. Make sure to carefully read the summary at the end of each section.

2. RubyMonk

Do the Ruby Primer and work through the first 4-6 sections. This will probably take more time since it goes into more depth. You could speed things up by "cheating" and clicking on the "show solutions" button.

3. Ruby in Twenty Minutes

Another option, but it requires you to install Ruby , while the other two options let you run Ruby in your browser. Also, it covers the basics rather quickly, so it may not be a good preparation for the quiz below.

Note: on Macs you should already have Ruby - type irb

Additional reading: