Prelab 10 Due: 8:00AM on 2021-12-03

Note: On the this lab you will again be able to work in pairs if you want to do so. If you do work with a teammate, you must both be there whenever you’re working on the lab. Only one of you should submit the assignment, but make sure both your names are in the comment at the top of the file and you add your partner to your Gradescope submission.

Prepare for completing Lab 10: Piper. There is nothing to turn in for this prelab, but be sure to review the notes on using PyGame and read through the entire Lab 10 assignment.

One new function that will be relevant is the pygame.Surface.blit method, which can be used to draw an image on to another, or specifically for us, to draw an image onto the screen, at specified coordinates. For example, assuming the PyGame display was assigned to the variable screen, and a PyGame image was assigned to the variable image, the following would draw that image at the coordinates specified by x and y

# x,y coordinates are specified as a tuple
screen.blit(image, (x, y))

What to turn in

There is nothing to turn in for this prelab.