Prelab 1 Due: 8:00AM 2021-09-17

This is a short assignment to make sure everything is set up for starting work in this course.

Set up your development environment

You will need a computer for working on assignments for this course. You can use your own or borrow a laptop from the library

Whether working on your own computer or a loaner laptop, you will need to install Thonny, available for free from If you have problems and/or would like additional help, the department ASIs, can assist you.

Start up Thonny.

When you start Thonny, the screen will be divided into 2 regions:

  1. The top half is the editor; this is where you will be typing in your Python programs.
  2. The bottom half is the shell (or console), where you can interact with the Python interpreter (or REPL).

Thonny has a number of other windows that aren’t shown by default that we will use later in the semester. Don’t hesitate to explore!


Please answer the following questions on Gradescope by the due date at the top of the page. If you don’t yet have an account on Gradescope, contact the instructor.

  1. Execute the following two Python statements in the Thonny Shell and enter the string that is printed out (as the name suggests, this code prints the version of Python used by Thonny).
     import platform
  2. What is the course policy on late work?