Computer Science Tutoring

In-Person Peer Tutoring

General Information:

Peer tutoring will happen in-person this semester! That said, if you are unable to attend a session in person due to illness, injury, possible COVID exposure, etc., just email the tutor to coordinate meeting over Zoom during the session. If you can let the tutor know in advance of the session, that makes things easier, but feel free to email them during the session if you realize you need help and can't make it in person--they will do their best to accommodate you.

If the tutoring sessions conflict with your schedule, please reach out to the CS ASI's for help! Maja and Rebecca have office hours throughout the day to ensure that everyone can receive the help they need.

Guidelines for Students:

Come with your questions and problems prepared. We expect there to be queues for the tutors, so please come prepared so that the line can move along efficiently. Once the tutor has answered your questions, you will have the option to sit down and work in the tutoring room, and you can check in with the tutor again if you have more questions. Please be patient for the tutor to return since they will likely be busy with other students.

It’s okay if you’re stuck on how to start a problem, just make sure you give it a try before attending tutoring. The tutor can help you get started and will check in with you again after you've had a chance to make some progress. If you need further assistance, you can raise your hand and the tutor will return to you when they can.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding CS tutoring, please contact:

Maja Cannavo at
Rebecca Warholic at