CS 467 - Reading two

Due: 20-02-25 1:30p


  • Contemplate the role of transformation
  • Juxtapose transformation and repetition


Please read 'Form+Code' pages 66-91.


  1. In the last reading, you read about repetition and in this one you read about transformation. These two frequently go hand in hand. Pick two examples from either of the two chapters and describe how they make use of both repetition and transformation.
  2. The initial essay in the chapter describes how transformations to existing symbols can alter our perceptions of them and encourage us to reflect on our connections to them. This can extend beyond cultural symbolism. Some transformations are made to time and space to bridge distances, revealing new insights or facets that were hidden by the distance. Describe two examples from the text that explicitly distort time or space to make us more aware of the respective distorted dimensions. Provide the name of the example, an explanation of the transformation and the goal in doing so (to the best of your ability).


Please type up your answers and submit them as a PDF to Canvas.