CS 702 - Final Polished Thesis

Information on how to print out your final thesis:

  1. Make a final pass to ensure that everything is correct and complete:

    Look at theses from previous years and try to emulate their look.

  2. Get archival quality paper from Amy Rose in MBH 638.

  3. Print TWO copies on archival paper. It's your choice whether you want to print single or double-sided. The latter saves trees, the former makes your thesis look fatter. (Most people choose to print single-sided.) Find a good printer with plenty of toner. If you want, print any pages with color figures on a (good) color printer (also on the archival paper). Make sure all the pages are in the correct order. These two copies will be bound; one stays in the department, the other will be shipped to you later this summer.

  4. Submit both copies to Amy Rose by noon on Monday 5/20. This is a HARD deadline - the department will meet to determine your thesis grade and we want to see your final work of art at that time.

  5. Please provide your mailing address using the form below to Amy Rose when you drop off your thesis copies. She will need this address to mail you final, bound copy to you. This will happen around August.

  6. In case your title (including spaces) is more than 60 characters, then also provide an abbreviated title with no more than 60 characters to Amy Rose (this is the character limit for the text on the spine of the bound copy). Please provide both titles using the form below.

  7. If you want, you can hand in a third copy of your thesis, which we will put in a black binder and put on the bookshelf in the MBH 632 lab. The idea is that the theses in the lab are easier to access than the fancy red ones in the glass cabinet. This may prove useful for future thesis students. If you do (totally optional), simply print out an additional copy (single or double-sided - your choice) and give it to Amy.

  8. We invite you to submit your thesis to Middlebury's digital archive at go/scholarship. To do so, complete the online form at go/submit.

Form to provide title and mailing address