CS 451 class prep 26

Since HW 5 is due next class, there are no assigned videos tested with a quiz. However, I want you to get set up for the next online Coursea course, Neural Networks and Deep Learning, course 1 of the "Deep Learning Specialization".

If you click on the above link, and then click on "enroll", you should see a small "Audit" link, which will give you access to the course videos for free. Click that link. For the next class, I recommend watching the following (optional) videos:

Introduction to deep learning
    5 Video: Welcome

Heroes of Deep Learning
   40 Video: Geoffrey Hinton interview

The interviews are a cool feature of this new set of courses, and they introduce you to some of the most important researchers in the field. Be warned, however: at least half of the Geoff Hinton interview will be incomprehensible. But there are still many interesting tidbits, for example speculations on how the brain works, and advice for students who want to enter the field of deep learning, so I do recommend watching the whole thing.