CS 451 class prep 25

1. Watch the following Coursera ML videos in preparation for the next class:
Application Example: Photo OCR
    7 Video: Problem Description and Pipeline
   14 Video: Sliding Windows
   16 Video: Getting Lots of Data and Artificial Data
   13 Video: Ceiling Analysis: What Part of the Pipeline to Work on Next
    4 Video: Summary and Thank You

   54 min

2. Please rank at least 20 movies among 80 movies, so we have our own small dataset for a lab exercise on recommender systems. Keep 3-5 of your rankings to yourself as test data (i.e., don't rank those movies on the form). Please submit your rankings by Sunday at 10pm the latest.

(The list of movies is a subset of 1682 movies from the MovieLens 100K Dataset.)