CS 451 class prep 6

1. Watch the following Coursera ML videos in preparation for the next class:
    9 Video: The Problem of Overfitting
   10 Video: Cost Function
   10 Video: Regularized Linear Regression
    8 Video: Regularized Logistic Regression

   37 min

2. Get started familiarizing yourself with numpy by consulting some of the following links:

The quiz will only cover the basic numpy operations for creating and "stacking" matrices, including: arange, array, zeros, ones, identity / eye, hstack, and vstack. The section on numpy arrays in the cs231n tutorial is a good reference for some (but not all) of these.

Also, make sure you have Python3 on your laptop with numpy installed. To test this, type


>>> import numpy
If you get an error, consult the documentation for installing numpy. On a Mac it might be as simple as
pip3 install numpy