CS 451 class prep 2

Watch the following Coursera ML videos in preparation for the next class:
 Linear Regression with One Variable
    8 Video: Model Representation
    8 Video: Cost Function
   11 Video: Cost Function - Intuition I
    8 Video: Cost Function - Intuition II
   11 Video: Gradient Descent
   11 Video: Gradient Descent Intuition
   10 Video: Gradient Descent For Linear Regression

   67 min

Also, review the Matlab handout from class 2 and watch the following videos to learn more about Matlab / Octave (not tested on the next quiz):

 Octave/Matlab Tutorial
   13 Video: Basic Operations
   16 Video: Moving Data Around
   13 Video: Computing on Data
    9 Video: Plotting Data
   12 Video: Control Statements: for, while, if statement
   13 Video: Vectorization

   58 min