CS 451 class prep 13

1. Watch the following Coursera ML videos in preparation for the next class:
Support Vector Machines
   14 Video: Optimization Objective
   10 Video: Large Margin Intuition
   19 Video: Mathematics Behind Large Margin Classification (NOT optional!)

   43 min

2. Make some headway on HW 3. Try to get through test 5 (feed forward), so you are ready to tackle back propagation, which is the hardest part. We will spend additional class time on Wed on HW 3.

3. At some point, while working on HW 3, check out the following additional videos:
Large Scale Machine Learning
  [ 5 Video: Learning With Large Datasets  - optional ]
   13 Video: Stochastic Gradient Descent
    6 Video: Mini-Batch Gradient Descent
  [11 Video: Stochastic Gradient Descent Convergence - optional ]

   19-35 min
This will be helpful for understanding how SGD works, for HW 3, and (retroactively) for HW 2.