CS 202 HW 5.1 results - Circuit Aesthetics

Below are many of your HW5.1 submissions (some without attribution :), sorted in groups of decreasing aesthetic merit.

Characteristics of good designs are: clean, compact, easy to understand at a glance, consistent and uniform spacing / layout, components that line up, good labels. Good layouts help understand the function of a circuit and reveal patterns and symmetries.

Characteristics of poor design include: "spaghetti" layout, unnecessary jags in wires, components too far apart, inconsistent wire and connection arrangement, non-uniform layout and spacing, non-standard orientation of components, missing or confusing labels.

The cleanest designs, though not minimal (18 inputs)

Minimal (16 inputs)

My solution

Another clever solution (even more minimal :)

Minor flaws

Long wires, irregular spacing, components not aligned, unnecessary kinks, inconsistent connection patterns, unused inputs on gates

More flaws