CS 201 Final Projects - Fall 2018

Presenting Monday 12/3

Section A

Hangman by Agastya Ahluwalia + Sammy Van Cleve

Othello by Bayu Ahmad + Anna Spiro

Memory by Halcyon Brown + Caroline Hughes

Balloon Blowout Bonanza by Sam Chester + Danielle Newberry

Game of Life by Gretchen Doyle + Culton Koster

Flood It by Eric Leung + Cater Wang

Blackjack by Mary Scott + Leah Smith

2048 by Maddie Van Beek + Annika Xu

Minesweeper by Brendan Philbin + Farhan Islam

Red Dead Redemption 3 by Sophie Smith + Will Wolf

Section B

Snake by Omar Alsaeed + Majd Hamdan

Crossword Puzzle by Abraham Beningson + Myles Stokowski

Set by Kenshin Cho + Rebecca Conover

Flood It by Rajan Cutting + Matt Ravichandran

1D Cellular Automata by Danny Grubbs-D. + Toby Weed

Game of Life by Dylan Montagu + Peter Sergay

Concentration by Henry Mooers + Ellie Packard

Presenting Wednesday 12/5

Section A

Maze Escape by Bruce Atwood + Angad Virk

Tic Tac Toe by David Gikoshvili + Winta Ghirmai

Cribbage by Michael Gallagher + Alex Lamoureaux

Midd-Checkers by Will Ingram + Geovany Martinez

Middlebury Monopoly by Stephan Perreault + Scott Powell

Dots and Boxes by Christian Newton + Quinn C. + Reid S.

Sudokode by Carl Langaker + Jacob Fields

Space Invaders by Elle Simmons + Samantha Horton

Section B

Connect 4 by Alexandra Lawson + Kaylee Thumann

2048 by Sam Lyons + Virginia Stanley

Othello by Alex White + Nate Obbard

Flood It by Lyn Ackert-Smith + Arielle Landau

Settlers of Catan by Ben Allan-Rahill + Will Hoppin

Dots and Boxes by Jackson Chen + Diana Lam

Around the World by Hadjara Gado + Sam Kamau

2048 by Tenzin Dorjee + Patrick Zhang

Middopoly by Avery Lopez + Sedge Lucas

Connect 4 by Joe Moscatelli + Claire White-Dzuro

Rubik's Code by Charlotte Gray + Christian Nieves