CS 201 - Using Bailey's Structure Package

You will only be able to use Bailey's structure package if you have Java version 8 or older. If you have Java version 9 or 10, you'll have to use the Vector from java.util.

If you're working on the lab computers:

To use Bailey's structure or structure5 packages, edit the ".bashrc" file in your home directory and add the following line to the end of this file:
export CLASSPATH=.:/home/share/lib/bailey.jar
Note that files that start with a dot are "hidden" files so they don't show up in the file browser or when you type "ls". To see these files, you can type "ls -a", which runs "ls" with the "a" option (meaning "all"). The easiest way to edit such a hidden file is to simply type
atom .bashrc

If you're working on your own Mac:

Download bailey.jar from here, save it on your computer, open the Finder, select "Computer" from the Go menu, and put the file into
Computer / Macintosh HD / Library / Java / Extensions
If you have trouble, ask our ASI or a lab tutor, or come to office hours.

If you're working on your own PC:

Download bailey.jar from here, save it on your Desktop.

From Windows Explorer, move the file into the Java extensions folder, which you may find at a location like

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_181\jre\lib\ext\