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Operating Systems (CSCI 0414), Spring 2019

Who Peter C. Johnson (pete@midd)
Where McCardell Bicentennial Hall 632
When Mondays and Wednesdays, 14:50–16:05
Textbook none required


11 Feb introduction, architecture review, OS overview
13 Feb system calls in detail
18 Feb virtual memory I
20 Feb virtual memory II
Assignment 01 available
25 Feb exceptions, traps, and science
27 Feb devices, interrupts, and I/O
04 Mar busses and scheduling I
Reading 01 available
06 Mar no class
11 Mar scheduling II
13 Mar scheduling III
Reading 02 available
18 Mar storage infrastructure
20 Mar partitions, filesystems, and booting
01 Apr filesystems I
03 Apr filesystems II
Assignment 02 available
08 Apr RAID
10 Apr ZFS
15 Apr workshop
Reading 03 available
17 Apr ZFS architecture
22 Apr dtrace
Reading 04 available
24 Apr virtualization
29 Apr Meltdown
01 May no class
06 May workshop
08 May course evals


Your semester grade will be calculated thusly:

Programming Assignments 40%
Reading Assignments 40%
Final exam 20%

I hereby grant each student two (2) 24-hour extensions to be used at their discretion at any point in the semester. If you decide you use an extension, please email me before the official due date with a note to that effect. When the time comes, turn in your assignment via the normal procedure.



As stated above, none are required. Should you wish to consult alternative resources (and I fully encourage you to do so!), I suggest the following.

  • The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System, McKusick, Neville-Neil, and Watson
  • Operating System Concepts, Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne
  • Modern Operating Systems, Tanenbaum

I have copies of all of these in my office which you are most welcome to peruse. If you seek them out on your own, try to get the latest editions.

FreeBSD source code

These websites provide different interfaces to browse the FreeBSD source code:

Additionally, when you get yourself a FreeBSD virtual machine situation, you will have the source code there, too: it will be in /usr/src, with the kernel code specifically in /usr/src/sys.

Using FreeBSD for this course



Students who have Letters of Accommodation in this class are encouraged to contact me as early in the semester as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. For those without Letters of Accommodation, assistance is available to eligible students through Student Accessibility Services. Please contact Jodi Litchfield or Courtney Cioffredi, the ADA Coordinators, for more information: Michelle Audette can be reached at maudette@midd or 802-443-2169 and Jodi Litchfield can be reached at litchfie@midd or 802-443-5936. All discussions will remain confidential.

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