Bekah Moon & Kit Tse - CS0465 Information Visualization Final Project
Date: 5/17/2014

The table lens below represents data collected from ~250 survey-takers about the perceived appropriateness of reclaimed gay slurs in different social contexts. The survey first asked for demographic information (i.e., age, gender, and sexual orientation). It then asked people to rank ‘queer,’ ‘dyke,’ and ‘fag’ on a scale of 1 to 5 on how appropriate they felt the term was used in 1) self-reference, 2) reference to others while outside the LGBTQ community, and 3) reference to others while inside the LGBT community.

On exploring the data:
To sort the data by a particular column, click on the label of that column. You are allowed to change your primary sort attribute as many times as you want. The primary sort attribute is the one most recently clicked on. To see specific values in a particular row (which represent one person’s set of responses), simply click on the row. To close the expansion, click on said expansion.

To reset to the original unsorted data, click on the “reset data” button in the top left corner.

For more details on what each column represents, hover your mouse over the column’s label.