Final Project Gallery


This is a living schedule and subject to change

Date Topic Reading Notes Assignment
02/15 Introduction to information visualization Few 1+2 Introduction Attendance form
02/17 Data   Data Attendance form, HW1
02/19 Exploring data with Tableau     HW2
02/22 Perception Few 3 Perception  
02/24 Perception for Visualization   Perception for vis I  
02/26 Winter Carnival [no class]     HW3
02/29 Perception for Visualization II   Perception for vis II  
03/02 Introduction to D3 Murray 3-6 simple bar chart  
03/04 Introduction to D3 II Murray 3-6 bar chart 1, bar chart 2, bar chart 3 Partner Questionnaire
03/07 Introduction to D3 III Murray 6-8 bar chart 4, bar chart 5, bar chart 6, bar chart 7 HW4
03/09 Evaluating Visualizations   Evaluation  
03/11 Evaluating Visualizations II      
03/14 Interactive D3 Murray 10 Configurable scatterplot HW5
03/16 Evaluation wrap-up, Interactions and navigation Few 4 Interaction  
03/18 More Interactions and Overview Few 4 Overviews  
03/21 More Interactive D3   Transitions, Tooltips  
03/23 Brushing in D3, Navigation   Brushes, Navigation HW6 [solution]
03/25 Multivariate analysis Few 5,10 Multivariate  
03/28-04/01 Spring Break      
04/04 Multivariate analysis II Few 12 Multivariate part 2  
04/06 Yet More D3   Pies  
04/08 Student presentations   Histogram  
04/11 Student presentations     HW7
04/13 Student presentations      
04/15 Spring symposium [no class]      
04/18 Hierarchies   Hierarchies and Graphs  
04/20 More Hierarchies     HW8
04/22 More D3 Layouts   Treemap, Forces, Force-directed layout  
04/25 Student presentations      
04/27 D3 force layout, Geographic projection      
04/29 Geospatial visualization Few 13 Geospatial Vis  
05/02 Geospatial D3   simple svg map, GeoJSON map, dot map, dot map with zooming, TopoJSON  
05/04 In class assignment     Exercise
05/06 Servers and backends   server example  
05/09 Text   Text Vis  
05/11 Student presentations      
05/13 In class assignment     Exercise
05/16 Visual analytics      
05/17-05/18 Reading day      
05/19-05/24 Exam Period     Final Project


This is a collection to links that you will find useful for the class.

Tableau Documentation
Documentation for using Tableau
D3 is a powerful tool for creating interactive visualizations online. We will be making extensive use of this for projects.
D3 Tips and Tricks
Another freely (or almost freely if you choose to give him his buck) book on D3.
Eloquent JavaScript
A good (and freely available) introduction to JavaScript.
mbostock’s blocks
A collection of D3 examples from the main developer.
Open Refine
A tool for helping you clean and rearrange messy data. it is worth watching the videos to get some idea about what it can do
Mr. Data Converter
A tool for converting data from one format to another


Some data sets to explore. Don’t feel limited to these. If you have an interest, there is a good chance someone else has a passion for the same thing and has collected statistics for it. So pull up your favorite search engine and go looking.

Google Public Data
A big collection of public data, complete with some simple visualizations of it
Data Portals
Another big collection of data sets
Computational Reporting Datafest collection
A collection of datasets for those with a bent towards politics (or an interest in bent politics)
2010 Census data (local)
Census data including average income, percent of the population with a higher degree, population and racial break down
Baby names 1880 - 2012 (local)
Counts of the most popular baby names from 1880-2012 in one file
Doctor Who (local)
Basic statistics for each Doctor’s tenure (number of companions, start and end year, number of episodes and total duration of all episodes)
Visual Analytics Benchmark Repository
A good collection of data sources (some of these are also listed below).
All kinds of interesting datasets from our government.
A huge collection of community created or sourced data. Like the Wikipedia of data sets.
Baby names (social security website)
The full set of baby names. Also includes names broken down by state
US census data
Data from the Census Bureau
The World Bank
A large collection of worldwide development data
A collection of open government data sets
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Data from the Department of Labor
World Health Organization
health statistics from around the world
Google NGrams
Google’s massive collection of ngrams (words and phrases) that they have compiled as part of their book scanning project
Million Song Dataset
Audio features and metadata from a million music tracks
Open Street Map
A community driven alternative to Google maps with fairly easy to use geographic data
Geographic data and visualizations
Sports Reference
A ridiculous amount of sporting data

Cool stuff

Cool visualizations, interesting articles, and general visualization stuff that is cool or interesting.

Look up the popularity of names over the years.
Thumbs Up Viz
A blog that seeks out good visualization examples
WTF Visualizations
A blog that seeks out the other kind of visualizations.
A blog that discusses various visualization issues.
Information visualization links
A big collection of visualization links