Christopher Andrews

Visiting Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science McCardell Bicentennial Hall 634 Middlebury College

Current Class

Previous Courses

Previous Courses [@ Mount Holyoke College]

  • CS100 Introduction to Computer Science [fall 2011, fall 2012]
  • CS211 Data Structures [fall 2011, fall 2012, spring 2013]
  • CS221 Computer Systems & Assembly Language [spring 2012]
  • CS322 Operating Systems [fall 2011]
  • CS331 Computer Graphics [spring 2012]

Previous Courses [@ Knox College]

  • CS 127 Computer Science for the Arts and Sciences [spring 2003, winter 2004, spring 2004, spring 2005, fall 2005]
  • CS 141 Introduction to Computer Science I [fall 2002, winter 2003]
  • CS 201 Computer Organization and Assembly Language [winter 2005, winter 2006]
  • CS 208 Programming Languages [fall 2003, winter 2005]
  • CS 226 Operating Systems and Networks [spring 2005, spring 2006]
  • CS 295 Special Topics - Fundamentals of Computer Engineering [fall 2004]
  • CS 303 Computer Graphics [winter 2003, spring 2004, spring 2006]
  • CS 305 Operating Systems [winter 2006]
  • CS 310 Compilers and Interpreters [winter 2004]
  • CS 320 Database Systems [fall 2003, fall 2005]
  • CS 340 Human-Computer Interaction [spring 2003 (as CS 395), fall 2004]

Research Interests

My primary research area is the field of visual analytics. More specifically I have been looking at the nature of representations and how they can be leveraged by the user during the synthesis process to help develop understanding. The major themes running through this work are the use of physical space in the form of large, high-resolution displays and embodiment to help the user create more meaningful and useful representations. A key outcome of this work was the development of an analytic environment for intelligence analysts called Analyst's Workspace, which is designed specifically for use on a large display.

For me, much of the attraction of visual analytics is the wide range areas that I can draw upon and explore. More broadly, my interests include information visualization, graphics, novel interfaces and alternative displays, embodiment, and digital arts.